Papa's World Tour Restaur-NOT


Ready for something completely different?!

Whether you want certain menu items offered or the option of allowing your guests to choose what they'd like to enjoy....Papa's World Tour is more than able to help with your next event.

Birthday celebrations, company fun functions, corporate luncheons, employee recognition or tailgate'll find the idea of having the 4th Best Burger in America being grilled for you on-site an AMAZING memory to create.

The buses sit 24 guests and each have their own feel and experience... and you get to choose from either 80's Experience Bus or our Classic Rock bus to help you share in these new memories.

Pricing and Availability is based on GUARANTEED reservations.

No reservations held on either bus without reservation contract agreement.
Please call for more information.

709 Old Hwy 90 West
San Antonio, Texas 78237