2019 Papa's Burgers

San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Papa's Burgers Est. 2013


San Antonio, Texas

    Papa's Burgers Wins KENS 5     Burger Battle Challange 2019

Papa's Burgers was recently part of an amzingly unique Burger Battle Bracket that consisted of 64 contestants thorughout the San Antonio Area. Based on VOTES, each bracket, much like the March Madness Basketball Brackets, allowed each segment a regulated time to get it's supporters to vote for thier favorite burger place. After 3 weeks and several upsets, Papa's Burgers took home the trophy and was crowned BURGER BATTLE CHAMPION from KENS 5 for 2019! 

Papa's Burgers Opening 2nd Location in

Gonzales, Texas

Papa's Burgers will be expanding it's horizons and adding a location in Gonzales,Texas! Surrounded by amazing hill country and an even greater community, Papa's Burgers #2 looks to bring the 4th Best Burgers in America to a community known for it's history and "come and take it" attitude. We are proudly looking forward to being part of this great area of Texas and have great plans invloving an outdoor, live music feel that will cater to families and music lovers alike! We will keep everyone posted as we progress with this new venture!  

             Papa's Burgers                Potranco Rd. Location

Just wanting to keep everyone informed that we are STILL in the planning stages of bringing Papa's Burgers to the Sea World Area. As soon as we know something...I PROMISE ...we'll let EVERYONE KNOW! Thank you guys for being patient as we take this transition day by day. 


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